Who is FlukeFortune?

FlukeFortune is an e-commerce platform specialising in Digital Video Game Software.

Save on Triple-A Games

Discover huge savings up to 70% off AAA titles for Xbox One and PC including, Steam, Origin, Uplay and more DRM platforms.

Digital Delivery

We offer three types of delivery times on our products. Be sure to check if a product qualifies for Instant Delivery.

Gray Market

Often frowned upon by the industry and consumers, Gray (or “grey”) Market is the act of obtaining and reselling official products from a distributor, not directly from the publisher. We source our games from trusted wholesale suppliers and entertainment retailers from around the world. Codes, also known as ‘Keys’ have been lawfully obtained from the physical boxed products and are digitally scanned or typed up as text consisting of unique digits and/or characters. Buy our games with 100% confidence.

As seen on GAMIVO.COM

Verified GAMIVO Merchant Since 19/07/19.
Verified GAMIVO Merchant Since 19/07/19.


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