Established in 2018

FlukeFortune is an e-commerce company offering Digital Video Game Software.
Add-ons, Bundles, Currency, Games and Subscriptions — We’ve got you covered!

Video Game Software

Discover big savings on your favourite gaming brands including, but not limited to:
• Microsoft Xbox
• Sony PlayStation
• Nintendo Switch
• Valve Steam
• EA Origin

Digital Products

No physical delivery
Receive your digital product by email in the form of a Digital Code, also known as a ‘CD Key’.

What is a CD key, and how are they obtained?
A CD Key is a printed combination of unique characters found on a card, sticker, or disc included with the game’s retail packaging.

What is a CD Key used for?
After the CD key is registered on the corresponding Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform, it acts as proof of ownership for the software.