Established in 2018

FlukeFortune is a digital-only e-commerce platform that offers a comprehensive selection of Video Game Software.

Video Game Software

Games, Add-ons, Subscriptions – we’ve got you covered.
Discover your favourite gaming brands including, but not limited to:
– Microsoft Xbox
– Sony PlayStation
– Nintendo Switch
– Valve Steam
– EA Origin

Digital Delivery

Eliminating the middleman
No physical delivery – receive your digital products by email in the form of a Download Code, also known as a ‘CD Key’.

What is a CD key, and how are they obtained?
A CD Key is a printed combination of unique characters found on a card, sticker, or disc included with the game’s retail packaging.

What is a CD Key used for?
After the CD key is registered on the corresponding DRM platform, it acts as proof of ownership for the game.

Eliminating shipping and physical packaging encourages you and FlukeFortune to:
– Save the environment
– Save time and money